Who we are

Just a New health is the owner of the PeriKit (Belgian patent and worldwide patent pending) and the inventor is Dr. Joseph Harfouche. Dr Harfouche is a PhD In Physiotherapy, specialize in sports rehabilitation, locomotric and neurologic rehabilitation and in angiology (venous lymphatic and Arterial) He is working at Edith Cavell’s Hospital (Soon Delta Hospital), and at the Women’s Clinic in Brussel

Perikit: the new tapeline concept

PeriKit is designed to take accurate and reproducible measurements (circumferences) on the limbs. It can be used in different fields: medical (neurology and lymphology, …), health (sport and diet) to assess the evolution and to define programs accordingly. Compared to other measurements tools used on the market, PeriKit is able to take, accurate and reproducible measures thanks to its patented elements, and being affordable at the same time.

Taking measurements in the treatment of lymphedema is fully part of the treatment because it helps monitoring and assessing the edema in order to adapt the treatment, follow up the results and provide information to healthcare insurance.

The measurements can be saved, using the PeriKit App and then compared to the previous ones and displayed in a graphic showing the evolution. Thanks to the PeriKit, the patient / sportsman… is from now on able to monitor his limb dimensions and can send info to his therapist / coach that can help him taking the good decision depending on the result

Besides, the digital version of Perikit can improve the time needed to take the measurements as it records them automatically in the app or on the computer.